We represent the highest quality products and services available.

As a Manufacturer’s Representative agency since 1957, we link our customers in utilities, independent power producers, municipalities, and large industrials with innovative companies that deliver the right products and services needed for system readiness and reliability. We are a participating member of the Electrical Equipment Representative Association www.eera.org


Relay Test Instruments, Power Factor Test Sets, Sweep Frequency Analyzers, PD Test
Equipment, Doble Services Programs, Breaker Analyzers, Laboratory Analytical Services



  PowerBase – Data Management and NERC Compliance Management Software, RTS –
Automated Relay Testing Software



Relay Test Equipment, Transducer/Panel Meter Test Sets, Portable Power Meter 




Calisto Multigas DGA Monitors, Myrkos – Portable DGA Monitor, Inside View DGA Software



Circuit Breaker Analyzers, Micro-Ohmmeters, CT Test Sets, Transformer Ratio Testers,
Relay/Overload Test Sets


 SecuControl switched are designed to allow quick-safe circuit isolation and easy testing of switchboard meters and relays. There are no exposed metallic parts on the ST switch, greatly increasing both personnel safety and also no possibility of shorting live exposed switch blades that may result in unwanted relay operations.



 Custom Aluminum Enclosures, NEMA Certified, Corrosion Resistant



Protective Relays, Static Exciters, Digital Voltage Regulators, Synchronous Motor Controllers, Genset Controllers




SF6 Reclaiming Equipment, SF6 Analyzers, SF6 Leak Detectors, Connectors and Hoses, SF6
Mass Flow Meters, SF6 Scales, SF6 Tracking Software, Dilo-Direct SF6 Services


Niagara Power Transformer produces power and special application transformers for service in the most extreme conditions and demanding applications anywhere in the world. Transformers offered are Power Transformers, Substation Transformers, OLTC, GSU, and many other types with Voltage capacities up to 50 MVA Base rating, 100 MVA fan rating, 138 kV & 650 kV BIL.


  Transformer Coolers

Transformers Pumps and Valves

Heatsink Portable Transformer Coolers 

Generator and Motor Coolers


Substation Commissioning, Substation Apparatus Testing, Protective Relay Testing, Battery
Testing, Troubleshooting Services











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